ESA Projects

EOSC (2010-2011)

EO Sentinel Convoy Ocean & Ice Theme. Synergistic Observations with Satellites Flying in Formation with European Operational Missions. ESA Study, Contract 4500114338.

KLAUS (2009-2012)

KEO Demonstrator with Models for Land Use Management. ESA Study; Contract 22823/09/I-AM.

CoReH2O Snow Retrieval Study (2009-2011)

Development of Snow Retrieval Algorithms for CoReH2O. ESA Study, Prime Contractor ENVEO, Contract 22380/09/NL/JC.

DUE GlobSnow (2008-2011)

Global Snow Monitoring for Climate Research. ESA Study, Contract 21703/08/I-EC.

CoReH2O Synergy Study (2009-2011)

Synergy of CoReH2O SAR and Microwave Radiometry data to retrieve snow and ice parameters. ESA Study, Contract 22829/09/NL/JC (2009-2011).

DUE GlobGlacier (2007-2010)

EO Based Services for Glacier Monitoring. ESA Study, Contract 21088/07/I-EC .

NoSREx (2009-2010)

Technical Assistance for the Deployment of an X- to Ku-Band Scatterometer During the NoSREx Experiment. ESA Study, Contract 22671/09/NL/JA.

EO Small Missions Study (2008-2009)

Definition Study of Concepts for Demonstration of Advanced Techniques and Technologies on an EO Small Mission. ESA Study, Contract 20395/06/NL/JA (2008-2009).

Wide Band SAR (2008-2009)

A Novel Approach for Wide Band SAR Interferometry. ESA Study, Contract 21318/07/NL/HE.

HeliSnow (2007-2008)

Technical Support for the Deployment of Sensors during HeliSnow 2008. ESA Study, Prime Contractor ENVEO, Contract 21146/07/NL/FF.