ENVEO offers products and services for several key applications in the following fields:

Greenland Ice Velocity from Sentinel-1

Satellite Data Exploitation

Development of Processing Tools for Exploitation of Radar and Optical Sensors

Topographic Corrections for Radar and Optical Satellite Imagery

Validation and Quality Assessment of Radar and Optical Satellite Products

Snow Cover and Glacier Products from Regional to Global Scale

Ice Velocity Maps for Greenland, Antarctica and Mountain Glaciers

Maps of Surface Elevation Change

Mapping and Monitoring Surface Deformation on Mountain Slopes

Maps of Quality Parameters for Inland Water



Modelling and Forecasting Services

Glacier Mass Balance and Runoff

Snowmelt Runoff

Snow Cover Dynamics


Elevation Change Drygalski Glacier 2011-2013


New Satellite Techniques for Snow and Ice Monitoring

Concepts for EO Satellite Formations in Climate Monitoring

Support for Geotechnical Projects in Mountain Regions

Satellite Techniques for Hydrology and Water Management

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