Peer Reviewed Papers & Publications 2014

Bühler, Y.; Bieler, C.; Pielmeier, C.; Wiesmann, A.; Caduff, R.; Frauenfelder, R.; Jaedicke, C.; Bippus, G. (2014): All-weather avalanche activity monitoring from space? In: International Snow Science Workshop 2014. A merging of Theory and Practice. September 29 - October 3, 2014. Banff, Alberta, Canada. Proceedings. ISSW. Banff, pp. 795-802.

Jaber, W. A., Floricioiu, D, Rott, H. (2014): Glacier dynamics of the Northern Patagonia Icefield from SRTM, TanDEM-X and TerrSAR-X data. Proc. of 2014 IEEE Int. Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symp., ISBN 978-1-4799-5775-0, pp. 4018-4021.

Lemmetyinen, J., Pulliainen, J., Kontu, J., Wiesmann, A., Mätzler, C., Rott. H., Voglmeier, K., Nagler, T., Meta, A., Coccia, A., Schneebeli, M., Proksch, M., Davidson, M., Schüttemeyer, D., Lin, C.-C., Kern, M. (2014): Observations of seasonal snow cover at X and Ku bands during the NoSREx campaign. Proc. EUSAR-2014. ISBN 978-3-8007-3607-2, VDE Verlag Berlin, pp. 900-903.

Macelloni, G., Brogioni, M., Montomoli, F., Lemmetyinen, J., Pulliainen, J., Rott, H. (2014): Retrieval of snow water equivalent in forested area using multi-frequency SAR data. Proc. EUSAR-2014. ISBN 978-3-8007-3607-2, VDE Verlag Berlin, pp. 912-914.

Magnússon, E., Einarsson, B., Pálsson, F., Roberts, M.J., Nagler, T., Floricioiu, D. (2014): Iceland. In: Interim report of dynamic changes of land ice in the Arctic and North-Atlantic region Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice 2014, ed.: Andreas P. Ahlstrøm. (SVALI). A Nordic Centre of Excellence funded by the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative, pp. 11-14.

Paul, F., Arnaud, Y., Ranzi, R., Rott, H. (2014): European Alps. 2014. Chapter 20. Global Land Ice Measurements from Space, J.S. Kargel et al. (Eds.), Springer Praxis, Berlin-Heidelberg, pp. 439-463.

Rott, H., Nagler, T., Ripper, E., Voglmeier, K., Prinz, R., Fromm, R., Coccia, A., Meta, A., Di Leo, D., Schüttemeyer, D. (2014): Ku- and X-band backscatter analysis and SWE retrieval for Alpine snow. Proc. of 2014 IEEE Int. Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symp., ISBN 978-1-4799-5775-0, pp. 2407-2410.

Rott, H., Nagler, T., Ripper, R., Voglmeier, K., Fromm, R. (2014): Retrieval of snow mass based on Ku- and X-band SAR data. 2014. Proc. EUSAR-2014. ISBN 978-3-8007-3607-2, VDE Verlag Berlin, pp. 896-899.

Rott, H., Nagler, T., Prinz, R., Ripper, E., Fromm, R., Adams, M.S.K., Yueh, S., Elder, K., Marshall, H.-P., Meta, A., Coccia, A., Schüttemeyer, D., Kern, M. (2014): Application of Ku- and X-band radar data for retrieval of snow mass in Alpine regions. 2014. Proc. of Workshop on Novel Mission Concepts for Snow and Cryosphere Research, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, 16 & 17 Sept. 2014, 8 pp. 2014-events/14c19/workshop-report

Rott, H., Floricioiu, D., Wuite, J., Scheiblauer, S., Nagler, T., Kern, M. (2014): Mass changes of outlet glaciers along the Nordensjköld Coast, northern Antarctic Peninsula, based on TanDEM-X satellite measurements. Geophys. Res. Lett., 41, 8123-8129, doi:10.1002/2014GL061613.

Wuite, J., Rott, H., Hetzenecker, M., Floricioiu, D., De Rydt, J., Gudmundsson, G. H., Nagler, T., and Kern, M. (2014): Evolution of surface velocities and ice discharge of Larsen B outlet glaciers from 1995 to 2013. The Cryosphere Discuss., 8, 6271-6301, doi:10.5194/tcd-8-6271-2014.

Presentations at Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

Malnes, E., Gustafsson, D., Uusikivi, J., Melvold, K., Bippus, G. (2014): Monitoring of ice break up in Torne and Tana river using earth observation satellites in the Copernicus project CryoLand. XXVIII Nordic Hydrological Conference, August 2014, Stockholm, Sweden.

Nagler, T., Rott, H., Bippus, G., Metsämäki, S., Pulliainen, J., Solberg, R. (2014): Towards a Long Term Snow and Glacier Service using Sentinel Satellite Data. The Climate Symposium 2014, October 2014, Darmstadt, Germany. Download Presentation.

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